KW Chop Shorts

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The Chop Short by KTRNA is available in: Black, Navy, Nude, Orchid and Rouge.
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The Booty Short 2.0.
The ultimate do-it-all, have it all hot pant with personality and style to match. KTRNA created this short to be the best of the best in fit, function and fashion. Set it and forget it. This short won't budge, ride up or bunch so you can move longer, dance harder and more confidently without constantly tugging and pulling on your shorts to stay in place. We also worked tirelessly to dial in the perfect fit for a variety of body types and tastes, without restriction. 

• Low-rise, thick waistband
• Supportive, non-elastic waist
• Leg band cuffs for shape and stability
• Standard 2 3/4" inseam
• Drop dead good looks and superior functionality

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