Capezio Turning Pointe Pirouette

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Designed by Sophia Lucia, the Capezio Turning Pointe Pirouette is available in nude in both YOUTH and ADULT sizes
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Internationally renowned dancer, Sophia Lucia has collaborated with us to create the Turning Pointe 55. Aptly named after Sophia's Guinness World Record of 55 consecutive pirouettes, this shoe has her "Lovely Heart" stamp of approval. More ideal features include a round toe box and wide sole patch for maximum floor coverage. Elasticized binding around the sides and arch of the foot add stability while turning. Exclusive touch: Sophia's signature printed on the interior lining to keep you inspired during studio time.

  • Leather upper
  • EVA sole patch
  • Rounder toe shape for perfect lines every time
  • Lower vamp
  • Interior Sophia Lucia signature on sock lining to keep you inspired
  • Pre-attached 5/8" primary and 3/8" secondary elastics can be placed in various positions
  • These shoes run small!  We recommend being sized in-store for the most accurate fit.  However, if an in-store fitting isn't a possibility, we suggest ordering UP one to two sizes over your street shoe size.


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