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The Joule by Apolla Shocks. Available in pink or nude.
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For barefoot dancers or to be worn over pointe shoes, in ballet shoes or ANY shoe while keeping dress code and protecting your body. This versatile Shock is so much more than a brace from your local pharmacy, you will love all the ways you can wear it while dancing longer and stronger!

Arch and ankle support for dancers that want bare toes and heels for:

  • Barefoot dancing
  • Tap Shoes
  • Ballroom/Latin dance
  • Ballet Shoes
  • Pointe Shoes
  • Sandals
  • Yoga

What does Joule mean?

  • The amount of energy used to accelerate the body
  • The foundational force or base element for movement

A stripped-down shock designed to harness this energy and support your body while maximizing contact with the floor.

Now you don’t have to choose between being in pain and dancing barefoot.

This new, scaled-down style of Shock is a compression sleeve that provides arch and ankle support whiles allowing the ball of the foot and heel to be exposed.

Apolla's Patented Targeted Compression Provides: 

  • Revolutionary Arch Support
    • When you don’t have support in your arch, the force of dancing yanks on the plantar fascia at the insertion points and causes inflammation.
    • To keep strong arches, it is good to give them support in class and after during recovery
  • Ankle Stability
    • This doesn’t restrict you from building strong ankles. In fact, it helps remove inflammation which can cause pain and force you to stop dancing
    • More time dancing is what will help you build strength
    • It is supportive, not restricting

Moisture-wicking (keep your feet dry)

Anti-microbial (they don’t stink easily)

  • They are washable
  • You don’t have to wash them as often as a typical sock but unlike your dance shoes, you can wash them!

Comfort fit on Achilles Tendon makes it comfortable on the back of your heel and does not interfere with the heel of the shoe

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