BR Lazuli Adult Warm Up Pant

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Ballet Rosa's drawstring cuffed pants are made from their exclusive performance fabric. No matter how intense the routine, your pants will keep the same slim-fitting shape and remain wrinkle-free…even if you do forget about them and leave them at the bottom of your dance bag for a week! The broad waistband gives you supreme comfort whilst you dance, but allows you to get it just that bit tighter if necessary with the drawstring fastening. The tight-fitting design means that you can still see your angles as you dance, even if your legs are covered.

- Deep pockets
- Slim ankle cuffs
- Wrinkle-free warm up fabric

Size UK Size US Size Bust       Waist     Hips
36   6           XS       (32-34") (24-25") (34-36")
38   8           S         (34-36") (25-26") (36-38")
40   10         M         (35-37") (27-28") (38-40")
42   12         L          (36-38") (29-31") (40-42")